Power Line Blower & Accessories

DCD Design's 58400 Series portable power line blower is equipped with a three-stage electric motor fitted with sealed bearings and non-corrosive components. This heavy-duty blower delivers up to 95 cfm and an impressive 5 psi pressure rating. The higher pressure rating is crucial for longer runs because it allows a projectile with pull tape to travel further even with higher loads. The 58400-110 blower kit includes the blower with a 25' power cord, 25 feet of crush proof 2" hose, and Seal-Offs for 1/2" to 6" ducts.

Don't forget to save time and money by ordering your DCD line blowing accessories at the same time as your pull tape conduit blower. Customization is key to finishing on time and under budget, and DCD Design has many line blowing projectiles and accessories to help you meet your goal.

Ensuring that you have a strong seal on the duct is key to building enough pressure to effectively blow through any length or size of ducting. There are multiple duct seal options available for each job and budget. The Universal and Innerduct Seals are available individually or in a kit with the Control Valve, and work great for 1" to 2" ducts. The Expandable Duct Seals are designed to provide maximum sealing and expansion capabilities; they are a cost-effective alternative to pricy double seals while offering better alignment than other single seals on the market.

The Foam Birds are the most commonly used line bird for empty ducting. Available in standard sizes for 2" to 6" ducts, these birds can be used to carry pull tape or twine, and can double as spreaders for cable pulling lubrication. The standard twin coned line darts are designed to handle bends and sweeps with ease, and they are color coded to match the corresponding duct seal kit. For longer blowing applications, the Ultra Light Birds are great. They offer the same flexibility and flare as the standard line darts, but at nearly half the weight, they travel further faster.

Not all blowing applications involve empty ducting, and for line blowing in occupied ducts, DCD Design has you covered. The Inflatable Birds feature a stitched construction making them more durable and longer lasting than inflatables from other manufacturers. The Parachute Birds can capture all the air blown into the duct, allowing them to travel faster and further than any other model.

DCD Design Series 58400 Blower
Pull Tape Conduit Blower & Seal-Off Kit for 1/2" to 6" Ducts
DCD Design Portable Pull Line Blower
  • Recently redesigned power blower is compatible with all DCD line blowing products
  • 3-stage motor delivers up to 5psi and 95 cfm flow rate
  • Higher pressure rating ensures further travel with heavier loads
  • Up to 30% higher pressure rate than similar line blowers
  • Works in indoor and outdoor applications (do not use in the rain)
  • 25' x 2" crush resistant hose works in -40 to +140°F
  • 58400 Series Brochure (PDF)
58400-110 Pull Line Blower Kit - 110V Blower w/Seal-Offs for 0.5" to 6" Duct, 2" D x 25' L Hose, 25' power cord $2,066.59

58400-201 220V Power Converter - Use 110V Line Blower with 220V Outlet $518.59

Hose Assembly & Seal-Offs
Series 58410 and 58420
DCD Design Hose Assembly and Seal Offs
  • 25' length x 2" diameter crush resistant hose works in -40 to +140°F
  • Three (3) Seal Off sizes available, covering 0.5" to 6" ducts
  • Seal Off Adapters prevent air from escaping to ensure maximum pressure
58410-025 Hose Assembly - 2" Diameter x 25' Length $210.80

58420-010 Seal-Off Adapter - Use in 1/2" to 1-1/2" Ducts $39.14

58420-020 Seal-Off Adapter - Use in 1-1/2" to 3" Ducts $60.35

58420-030 Seal-Off Adapter - Use in 2-1/2" to 6" Ducts $117.43

58420-040 Seal-Off Body for All Adapter Sizes $216.62

58420-000 Seal-Off Kit - Seal Off Body and All 3 Adapter Sizes $347.39

Control Valve & Innerduct Seals
Series 58000, 58100 and 58150
DCD Design Innerduct Seals Kit
  • The Control Valve features a ball valve for air flow control and quick disconnect fittings on both ends
  • Three (3) rope guides included with the Control Valve
  • Universal Seal features a red tapered cone for use in 1" to 2" ducts
  • The Universal Seal is good for short distance blowing applications where holding the seal against the duct is sufficient
  • The Innerduct Seals with screw-in threads are duct size specific and good for longer distances
58000-000 Control Valve & Rope Guides $159.91

58000-100 Control Valve Adapter for Seal-Offs (Seal-Offs sold separately) $155.87

58100-000 Universal Seal - Red Tapered Cone for 1" to 2" Ducts $132.15

58100-100 Innerduct Seal - Screw-In Thread for 1" Ducts $109.92

58100-125 Innerduct Seal - Screw-In Thread for 1.25" Ducts $121.71

58100-150 Innerduct Seal - Screw-In Thread for 1.5" Ducts $154.02

58100-200 Innerduct Seal - Screw-In Thread for 2" Ducts $169.89

58150-000 Innerduct Seal Kit - Control Valve, Universal Seal & 4 Innerduct Seals $1,137.45

Expandable Seal Kits
Series 58200
DCD Design Expandable Duct Seal Kits
  • Color coded seals match the corresponding line darts for easy recognition
  • These expandable duct seals feature a single seal with alignment washer, making them easier to properly align
  • Economical and effective alternative to double seals
  • Specially formulated polyurethane is used to provide maximum sealing and expansion properties
  • Sizes available for 2" to 8" ducts
  • Each Seal Kit includes a Seal Assembly, Support Disc & Spacer Tube
58200-000 Handle Assembly for Seal Kits - Handle Only, No Seals Included $170.27

58200-200 Seal Kit for 2" Ducts (Handle Assembly Not Included) $91.71

58200-250 Seal Kit for 2.5" Ducts (Handle Assembly Not Included) $116.35

58200-300 Seal Kit for 3" Ducts (Handle Assembly Not Included) $126.17

58200-350 Seal Kit for 3.5" Ducts (Handle Assembly Not Included) $118.25

58200-400 Seal Kit for 4" Ducts (Handle Assembly Not Included) $157.12

58200-500 Seal Kit for 5" Ducts (Handle Assembly Not Included) $241.95

58200-600 Seal Kit for 6" Ducts (Handle Assembly Not Included) $191.05

58200-800 Seal Kit for 8" Ducts (Handle Assembly Not Included) $455.97

Foam Birds
Series 58230
DCD Design Innerduct Seals Kit
  • Ideal for carrying pull tapes through empty ducting
  • Can be used to spread cable pulling lubricant through the duct
  • Sizes available for standard 2" to 6" ducts
58230-200 Foam Bird for 2" Duct $23.06

58230-250 Foam Bird for 2.5" Duct $23.21

58230-300 Foam Bird for 3" Duct $27.36

58230-350 Foam Bird for 3.5" Duct $25.32

58230-400 Foam Bird for 4" Duct $26.81

58230-500 Foam Bird for 5" Duct $29.78

58230-600 Foam Bird for 6" Duct $33.36

58230-KT1 Foam Birds Kit for 2" to 6" Ducts $152.11

Line Darts
Series 58300
DCD Design Line Blowing Darts
  • Tapered edges allow the cone more flexibility when navigating bends and turns
  • Thin edges flare out for a better seal and faster blowing when under pressure
  • Color coded to match the Series 58200 Seal Kits
  • Sizes available for standard 1" to 6" ducts
58300-100 Red Line Dart for 1" Ducts $24.32

58300-125 Yellow Line Dart for 1.25" Ducts $27.23

58300-150 Black Line Dart for 1.5" Ducts $30.64

58300-200 Green Line Dart for 2" Ducts $34.04

58300-250 Red Line Dart for 2.5" Ducts $38.30

58300-300 Yellow Line Dart for 3" Ducts $42.55

58300-400 Blue Line Dart for 4" Ducts $51.07

58300-500 Orange Line Dart for 5" Ducts $62.97

58300-600 Black Line Dart for 6" Ducts $76.59

58300-KT1 Line Darts Kit for 2" to 6" Ducts $248.34

Ultra Light Bird Darts
Series 58320

DCD Design Ultra Light Bird Darts
  • About half the weight of the regular Series 58300 line darts
  • Cones are made of a lightweight and durable polyurethane
  • The extremely thin design of the cones allows for easy removal in case the dart gets stuck and needs to be pulled back
  • Sizes available for 2" to 6" ducts
58320-200 Ultra-Light Bird Darts for 2" Ducts $19.13

58320-250 Ultra-Light Bird Darts for 2.5" Ducts $24.50

58320-300 Ultra-Light Bird Darts for 3" Ducts $31.91

58320-350 Ultra-Light Bird Darts for 3.5" Ducts $33.91

58320-400 Ultra-Light Bird Darts for 4" Ducts $31.77

58320-500 Ultra-Light Bird Darts for 5" Ducts $39.72

58320-600 Ultra-Light Bird Darts for 6" Ducts $47.66

58320-KT1 Ultra-Light Bird Darts Kit for 2" to 6" Ducts $133.45

Inflatable Birds
Series 58330
DCD Design Inflatable Line Birds
  • Stitched inflatable bird provides greater strength than competing brands
  • Ideal for use in blowing through occupied ducting
  • Sizes available for 3/4" to 6" ducting
58330-075 Small Inflatable Bird for 0.75" - 1.25" Occupied Ducts $20.28

58330-150 Medium Inflatable Bird for 1-1/2" - 2-1/2" Occupied Ducts $34.32

58330-300 Large Inflatable Bird for 3" to 4" Occupied Ducts $57.73

58330-500 Extra Large Inflatable Bird for 5" to 6" Occupied Ducts $96.72

58330-KT1 Inflatable Birds Kit for 0.75" to 6" Occupied Ducts (All Sizes) $200.05

Parachute Birds
Series 58335
DCD Design Parachute Birds
  • Large opening grabs all the air blown into the duct
  • Travel faster and further than any other projectile
  • Best design for blowing in occupied ducting
  • Sizes available for 1" to 6" ducts
58335-100 Red Parachute Bird for 1" to 2" Occupied Ducts $168.89

58335-200 Blue Parachute Bird for 2" to 3" Occupied Ducts $183.57

58335-300 Brown Parachute Bird for 3" to 4" Occupied Ducts $198.26

58335-400 Green Parachute Bird for 4" to 6" Occupied Ducts $212.95

58335-KT1 Parachute Birds Kit for 1" to 6" Occupied Ducts (All Sizes) $737.49