Fiber Optic Cage

Created for optical fiber cable designed to be installed in homes, this cage allows any installer to pull a bundle of fiber optic cable even if it doesn't have its own spool. Since it is much smaller and lighter than other products on the market, the 50500-010 is also perfect for storing and transporting fiber optic cable bundles.

Prepackaged cable spools can be removed from their original packaging and secured into place on the frame, keeping the cable organized for clean and easy pay-outs. Load/unload spools and operate the frame without any tools thanks to the adjustable arms that can be moved by hand.

Though it is not shown in the photo, an additional handle for cranking the unit makes it very convenient to spool cable, extension cords, rope or hoses back onto the frame for quick jobsite cleanup. The bundle can then be left on the frame for storage and easy unloading at the next job site, or zip-tied and removed for convenient bundling.

DCD Design Series 50500 Fiber Optic Cage
Create bundles, simplify pulls for installation, store & transport fiber optic cable
DCD Design 50500-010 Fiber Optic Cage
  • Supports bundles with inside diameters of 6" to 18"
  • Supports bundles with outside diameters up to 21"
  • Supports bundles with widths up to 5.2"
  • 1" feeder guide assists with smooth installation operation
  • Keeps fiber optic cable organized and safe when not in use
  • Compact size and lightweight is great for storage and transport
  • 50500 Series User Guide (PDF)
50500-010 Fiber Optic Cage $867.04